Student Equipment List

Equipment you must have everyday

  • 3 or more black biros for written work
  • Green biros.
  • 2 or more pencils for graphs and other drawings
  • 4 or more coloured pencils or pens for more detailed diagrams
  • A Scientific Calculator with square root functions (we recommend the CASIO FX83GT)
  • A ruler, preferably 30cm and in good condition
  • A rubber
  • A highlighter pen
  • A protractor for measuring angles
  • A pencil sharpener
  • A Pair of compasses

A complete pencil case as shown on the left can be purchased on wisepay for £11.00 (

This contains all the equipment students need for their daily lessons.

Food Technology

Equipment for food technology is provided, however students will need to bring in their own ingredients.

Helpful Guide to Your Calculator

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