Travel and Tourism is a relatively new subject at Poole High School however we live in a high tourism area and many of our students have gone into the travel and tourism industry once finishing at Poole High School. Travel and Tourism at Level 3 allows students to understanding the business function within the sector and provides key knowledge on the key travel and tourism sectors as well as ensuring customer service is key to the sectors success.  

We offer the BTEC Foundation Diploma in Travel and Tourism. All lessons involve; discussions, individual work, note-taking and independent research. Success in all of our courses depends on the amount of work you put into it as well as ability and a high degree of self-motivation.

Departmental Courses

BTEC Travel and Tourism

Why study BTEC Travel and Tourism

Studying our BTEC Travel and Tourism course offers a practical introduction to industry including the business functions, and supports progression to further study or employment. Students will study a range of travel and tourism related activities and learners will develop transferable knowledge and skills. The qualification prepares learners for a range of higher education courses, apprenticeships and employment.

Some of the key issues students will understand are:

  • Helping to develop a holistic understanding of the Travel and Tourism Industry
  • Providing an understanding of the role of business within the industry as well as key areas within the industry such as customer service, visitor attractions and setting up an travel and tourism enterprise
  • Developing transferable skills for progression to higher education
  • Supporting progression from KS4 study

BTEC Travel and Tourism complements most other pathways however we would recommend that students will have a minimum of a ‘4’ in Maths and English to cope with the rigors of the course requirements.

Topics include:

  • The World of Travel and Tourism
  • Global Destinations
  • Travel and Tourism Enterprises

At Key Stage 5 we offer the Foundation Diploma (1.5 A Levels). This qualification has an element of external (E) assessment as well as internal (I) coursework units.

Year 1:

  • Unit 2- Global Destinations (E)
  • Unit 4- Managing the Customer Experience in Travel and Tourism (I)
  • Unit 9- Visitor Attractions (I)

Year 2:

  • Unit 1 The World of Travel and Tourism (E)
  • Unit 5- Travel and tourism Enterprises
  • Unit 12- Working Overseas

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Travel and Tourism is a qualification which can help you access many doors be that through a university degree, an apprenticeship or employment. People who study travel and tourism generally go into career such as; air traffic control, cabin crew, tour guide, head office functions and if you are thinking of setting up your own business within the sector.