Rapid Self-Testing for COVID-19 – Poole High School

When your child has taken part in two lateral flow tests on the school site they will bring their test kits home with them. 

Participation and Data Protection

The consent that was given previously will be used to determine whether you wish for your child to opt into home testing. Once you have understood the testing process and have read privacy notice, if you choose for them to participate you are committing for them to self-administer the test and report the results via the NHS Test & Trace digital platform and to the school. Tests for students under the age of 12 should be conducted by an adult.

Your child will bring their home test kit home with them this week, we would appreciate if you could ask your child to test on a Sunday and Wednesday evening. Please ensure that you and your child follow the instructions.


  • Watch this video to familiarise yourself with the home testing process. Step by step guide to COVID-19 self-testing
  • Follow the instructions in your kit.
  • When you get your result follow the appropriate result below. In all cases you must log your results with both the NHS and with school. If you are not able to log through the link please email the relevant year office with the student’s name, date of test and result.

Rapid Self-Testing for COVID-19

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If your result is positive:

If your result is negative:

If your result is void:

If you have any queries please contact school@poolehigh.poole.sch.uk

Student Results

Log Your Result (NHS)

Log Your Result (School)

Staff Results

Log Your Result (NHS)

Log Your Result (School)